How We've Built 20,000 Links By Hand sobota 14:50 - 15:30

Julie Joyce USA

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce je proslulá linkbuilderka. Kolem SEO se Julie točí už více než 10 let, v současné době šéfuje agentuře Link Fish Media, Inc. Její články najdete například na serveru Search Engine Journal a Search Engine Land, je také spoluzakladatelkou blogu SEO Chicks.

Mnoho českých linkbuilderů nám pořád opakovalo, že by si přáli, abychom pozvali Julie Joyce. Tak ji tu máte!

Popis přednášky

Over the past 7 years, we've built almost 20k links, all by doing manual discovery with no automation and no outsourcing. We've learned a lot about the importance of fully vetting sites before reaching out to their webmasters through emails and we've learned how to stay safe while building free and paid links in the era of manual penalties and Penguin. During this session we'll go through the steps that our link builders go through in order to build a link including checking out some discovery tools, looking at in-house data on how it long it takes to actually build a link, discussing what makes a good link, and how to size up a potential link partner using real life examples. We'll also discuss how to create content that your users will respond to and how to use rejected link pitches in order to create content that webmasters will decide to link to.

Proč si nenechat přednášku ujít?

  • Real life data based on 7 years of building links
  • Discussion of what we actually do to build links as opposed to simple theory
  • Quick and easy ways to identify good link partners vs dangerous ones
  • Simple steps that anyone can take to build great links
  • Awesome 2 week free trial code for my favorite new link discovery tool