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  1. Who is the Marketing Festival intended for?
    For all those interested in current and erudite information on digital marketing. The lectures and workshops are practically oriented to primarily appeal to specialists in SEO, link building, PPC advertising, web analytics content marketing, and social networks. The Marketing Festival, however, is undoubtedly valuable also for businessmen who manage digital marketing on their own and want to keep up with the latest trends in the field.
  2. What will the final version of the program look like?
    The program will be revealed gradually, as we like to maintain some level of suspense. In the following months we will introduce 18 top lecturers, 20 (and maybe even more) workshops, and a detailed supporting program. If you want to get some idea, check the line-up from the last year.
  3. I do not speak Czech; will I find the conference helpful?
    The Czech lecturers will speak Czech, while foreign lecturers will speak English. The price of the ticket covers an option to use simultaneous interpreting via headphones. Our interpreters have been trained in the field of marketing so their interpreting will make sure you get just as much out of the concert as everyone else. Btw. about 80 % of our lecturers will speak English.
  4. I would like to attend the workshops; will they be translated as well?
    We are sorry but the workshops will not be interpreted. We are planning more than 20 workshops with a capacity of 500 attendants. However, there will be a big number of workshops offered in English, and we believe you will find their wide range to your liking. The registration into the paid workshops will be opened on our website in September and we will keep you informed about the details.
  5. I am from EU country and registered to the VAT. Why am I invoiced including the VAT?
    We are obliged to invoice you including the VAT, although you might be used to invoicing excluding the VAT. The reason is there is an exception in the case of educational events, and the tax has to be paid in the country, where the event takes place (Art. 54 of the Council Directive 2006/112/EC).

    You can ask for the tax return afterwards at the Czech Tax Office in Prague. The main condition is that the VAT has to exceed 50 EUR in one year.

Transportation, accommodation, costs

  1. The price of the ticket is second-to-none, but I am worried about the travel expenses…
    There is no need to worry. Brno is located in the very heart of Europe and you can reach it in various ways – just read through our travel tips. Vienna, Prague, Budapest or Bratislava are located on average 2 hours from Brno by bus or car. Besides, there are direct flights from London arriving at the Brno airport every day. If you purchase the flight ticket in advance, it can cost as little as a few euros.
  2. What about prices for accommodation and food?
    Similar to last year, we prepared discounts for stays in hotels and hostels downtown for our visitors. One night in a 4* hotel costs around 42 euros, while you can find a place in a hostel for as little as one third of this price. Concerning food, the price of the ticket covers a huge banquet for both days of the lectures. Brno is full of beautiful cafés, stylish restaurants, and cozy pubs with more than pleasant prices – a glass of beer for 1.5 euros, a cup of coffee with a dessert for 4 euros, dinner for one person for around 5 euros.
  3. What is the best time to arrive?
    If you have enough time, definitely come as early as Thursday. On Thursday night there is a warm-up party at which you can quickly get acclimated and meet a lot of people. Last year we had a very friendly atmosphere where both lecturers and attendants had dinner together, a few drinks in bars, and accompanied each other to the hotel to make sure they would not get lost. And believe us – the atmosphere of the festival was just unforgettable!

Information about workshops

  1. Registration: when and how
    Registration will kick off on Wednesday, October 1 at 6 pm CEST time. You will receive a login and password via e-mail beforehand. Use them to log in to the system and register.
  2. Price and capacity of workshops
    The fixed price is 30 euro, excluding VAT, per workshop. Individual capacities vary from 12 to 36 attendees.
  3. Payment details
    Debit card or bank transfers are both accepted. If paying via bank transfer, you will need to pay within 5 days of registration or the booking will be cancelled and offered to other potential attendees.
  4. How many workshops may I register for?
    Three at most; one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.
  5. When do the workshops take place?
    Friday, October 31, one day before the main program begins in the Janáček Theater.
  6. Venue
    The workshops in the morning and in the afternoon take place in Newton College. The special evening workshop will take place in Barceló Hotel. You’ll receive all the instructions you need via e-mail well beforehand.
  7. What language will the workshops be in?
    The foreign speakers will communicate in English, and the workshops will not be translated. The language of each workshop you can easily find in a list of workshops.
  8. Will recordings of the workshops be made available later?
    No. Each workshop is mainly focused on the cooperation between the small group of attendees and its leader (the speaker).
  9. May I also register my colleagues for the workshops?
    No, this isn’t possible. Each attendee registers him/herself.
  10. May I attend workshops even if I don’t attend the MKTfest?
  11. Is it possible to register without using the Marketing Festival website?
  12. I’d like to cancel my registration for a workshop. Is it possible?
    No, your registration is binding. It can be cancelled only in case you’d like to also cancel your ticket to the festival itself.
  13. Is it possible to later swap the registered workshop for some other workshop?
    No. Once you register, your information will be automatically sent to the lecturer. S/he may then modify the topic based on the number of registered attendants.

I have paid.

  1. Will I receive a ticket?
    No, because you do not need one. Just come to the registration desk on Friday morning and give us your name, surname, and possibly your e-mail address. The same goes for the workshops.
  2. Where will I sit in the hall?
    Wherever you like. Besides, every time you change your seat you will find new inspirational people sitting next to you whom you can invite for a cup of coffee during the break!
  3. When will Avinash Kaushik speak?
    The star of this year’s festival will speak on Saturday after first coffee break. He will be given an exclusive 1 hour for his lecture and another 30 minutes for your questions.
  4. Is it possible to watch the lectures later?
    Yes, of course! The recordings of the lectures (including slides) are covered by the price of the ticket. You will gain access to them within one month after the conference at the latest. The lectures will be subtitled in English.

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