A global-impact event... in Brno? Get ready for another amazing festival in the breathtaking Janaček Opera Hall!

Janáček theaterBrno, Czech republic

The Marketing Festival again will take place on the breathtaking premises of the Janáček Theater for 1,000+ attendants. The atrium, as impressive as the hall, will come to life again, as it is transformed into a space full of meaningful ideas and debates. The first and second floors will serve for refreshing and get-together purposes, while on the third floor you can find an area for relaxation with various devices and leisure-time toys. We believe that you will appreciate the strategic location of the conference hall. The Janáček Theater is located close to the historical center of the city, not far from numerous hotels and restaurants, with a new underground parking lot… and what is more – the afterparty will take place right down the street!

Janáčkovo Divadlo
Janáčkovo Divadlo
Janáčkovo Divadlo
Janáčkovo Divadlo

This amazing venue has a capacity
of 1,000 people

By train

Brno is easily accessible from all neighbouring countries: Germany (Berlin, Munich), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest) and Slovakia (Bratislava).

By bus

It is comfortably easy to reach Brno by Student Agency bus lines departing from nearly 20 European countries. The connection is frequently used from Germany (Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt, Berlin etc.) www.studentagency.cz

By car

You can reach Brno from many Central European capitals within 2–4 hours (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest).

By plane

You can use Brno-Tuřany International Airport, but we recommend to direct your flights to either Vienna or Prague (Brno is then only 1,5 hours from Vienna and 2 hours from Prague by bus). If you travel from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Rome and other cities, have a look at current offers of low-cost airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair or easyJet. If you travel to Prague by plane, we recommend to take frequent and really comfortable Prague-Brno bus connection provided by Student Agency (buses depart every 30 minutes).

Map - Fléda


Not many people know that this legendary club was named after Fledermaus, the cabaret in Vienna. Fléda is a cult place for entertainment in Brno, and with several interruptions it has been open since 1911. A few years ago, there was even a petition organized against its closure. There is no better place for our Saturday afterparty! Tata Bojs, along with other bands will bring the house down, and several of the speakers will even step into the DJ booth! If you get hungry, you can hop next door for a kebab. And if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, there is a lot of pubs around. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s just a ten-minute tram ride from the theater!

Map - Bar, který neexistuje
Bar, který neexistuje

Bar, který neexistuje

Meet the Bar, that doesn´t exist. Behind this creative name stands stylish hearty spot where customer always comes first. Its drink collection is something you can´t find anywhere else in Brno. And talk about the atmosphere! You´ve never felt so trendy and warmhearted at the same time. We´ve been dreaming too long to have a bar like this in our lovely town. Luckily, dreams do come true. Come inside and mark my words – while enjoying a gourmet bite of juicy hamburger or sipping a drink made according to your mood. Don´t ask me how, the bartenders just know!

www.barkteryneexistuje.cz | +420 739 635 932
Map - Bistro Franz
Bistro Franz

Bistro Franz

Family bistro treats its guests with seasonal cuisine, fresh ingredients from local farmers and straightforwardness. Modern interior shows majestic skills of Brno´s main architect Martin Hrdina – and the space really matches the way they serve you food. Not feeling hungry? Don´t worry. Bistro also lives its own artistic life. Local poets and writers come here every once in a while to enjoy a quiet glass of Moravian wine or a cup of hot coffee. Sit down by the window and observe the street life. Hey, and while you´re at it, do not forget to order amazing homemade French macaron. Yum!

www.bistrofranz.cz | +420 739 635 932
Map - East Village Bar & Diner
East Village Bar & Diner

East Village Bar & Diner

East Village is a heart of Manhattan, a place full of inspiration and New York nightlife. And this bar in Brno is quite like it! Striped wallpapers, solid dark furniture and inseparable duo ketchup and mustard at each table. Find yourself in a hearty atmosphere of good old American diners. You might bump into charismatic musicians, too. Looking at the menu, everything seems so delicious you are bias what to order, right? How about homemade blueberry pancakes? Crunchy onion rings? Or burger with portobello mushrooms? One thing is certain. East Village Bar & Diner has brought a piece of American dream to Brno. Taste it!

+420 739 635 932

Discount up to 25% on accommodation with each ticket!

Z vlastní zkušenosti víme, jak důležitou roli hraje výběr ubytování během konference. Obrátili jsme se proto na oblíbené brněnské hotely a hostely a domluvili jsme tam pro vás slevu. Celá nabídka včetně hesla pro získání slevy vám dorazí e–mailem po zakoupení vstupenky.

Modern hotel with almost 150 year tradition
Map - Grandhotel
Acco Grand

Grandhotel Brno

Easy to reach since it stands almost besides main train and bus stations. Each of 105 hotel rooms offers maximal comfort, while there is also fitness and sauna available for the guests. Garden restaurant Le Grand will host you with amazing dishes both from traditional Czech and international cuisine. The location of the restaurant in a beautiful winter garden will raise your dinner to a special occasion.

www.grandhotelbrno.cz | Book at: reservation@grandhotelbrno.cz

With a view
of the cathedral
Map - Hotel Granezza
Acco Grandezza

Hotel Grandezza

Would you like to enjoy the Marketing Festival in high style? Book a room in the luxury four-star Grandezza hotel. Its exceptionally furnished rooms offer a breathtaking view of the historical beauties of Brno. Besides the above-standard furniture, you can enjoy a two-meter bed, special pillows, and a bathroom just begging you to relax in it. And if that’s not enough, call the reception and arrange, for example, a Thai massage.

www.grandezzahotel.cz | Book at: info@grandezzahotel.cz

Only a three-minute from the
Janáček Theater
Map - Hotel Continental
Acco Continental

Hotel Continental

Located downtown, yet in a quiet area. A few minutes from the Janáček Theater with parking right at the hotel. Hotel Continental is a popular and reasonable choice for those looking for accommodation downtown. Standard rooms, free Wi-Fi, and also a pleasant wellness and fitness center right in the hotel.

www.continentalbrno.cz | Book at: info@continentalbrno.cz

Ideal location
plus parking
Map - Hotel Slovan
Acco Slovan

Hotel Slovan

This three-star hotel is an ideal place for all those who arrive in Brno by car. Even though the hotel is located downtown, parking isn’t an issue, as it has its own garages. Both the Janáček Theater and the Art cinema, where the Thursday party will take place, are just a stones throw away. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and LAN, and a pleasant Bugatti restaurant, beer den, and a billiard club.

slovan-brno.hotel.cz | Book at: slovan-brno.hotel.cz/reservation

Stylish Hostel
located downtown
Map - Hostel Mitte
Acco Mitte

Hostel Mitte

The Mitte hostel is a true pearl of downtown Brno, and it is no coincidence that it was awarded the prize for the best hostel in 2012. This ancient building has a very unique atmosphere. Its stylish rooms are named after personages forever connected with this Moravian metropolis; Alfons Mucha, Leoš Janáček and Milan Kundera are all names which need no introduction. On the ground floor is a cozy café with the same name, and people from all over Brno come here for its espresso and sweet delicacies.

www.hostelmitte.com | Book at: info@hostelmitte.com

Right at
the Janáček Theater
Map - Penzion Dvorakova
Acco Dvorakova

Penzion Dvořákova

Ideal accommodation for those looking for a place as close to the Janáček Theater as possible. This cozy place is located only a few steps from the theater and is also close to popular bars, city transportation and the main station. This newly-reconstructed guesthouse offers double rooms with a bathroom and a kitchenette, and in the morning you can enjoy a simple breakfast. Free Wi-Fi is provided, as well.

www.penziondvorakova.cz | Book at: info@penziondvorakova.cz