Storytelling by Numbers sunday 17:25 - 18:00

Mike King USA

Mike King

You may associate Mike King with SEO activities, but his career in digital marketing is a lot more extensive. Currently, as the executive director for Owned Media he deals with campaigns for SAP, HSBC or SanDisk, and before that he worked as the marketing director for iAcquire for big companies such as Johnson&Johnson, LG and fashion guru Ralph Lauren. Mike is a great hope for us; he speaks openly and to the point, and he’s just hilarious. He’s recommended by 10 out of 10 participants from last year’s festival!

A talented rapper, expert on digital marketing, and a capable developer – Mike King is a jack-of-all-trades and oh so unique.

Lecture description

Many marketers will never learn to code and think of APIs as a four letter word. As a result they miss out on opportunities to streamline reporting and automate processes. Additionally, data visualization is a shortcut to insights and easy communication of complex ideas. In this talk Mike King will walk marketers through a series of APIs and how to use them both with and without code. Once you've learned how to get the data, marketers will also learn easy tools and libraries that can be used to visualize the data and tell compelling stories.

Why shouldn't you let this lecture pass you by?

  • Easy ways to get data from APIs without code
  • 20 APIs that help with reporting automation
  • How to develop dashboards that automatically refresh
  • How to get API data directly in Excel
  • Free tools and libraries to make the processes easier