Tag Management Solutions – Best. Data. Ever. sunday 16:50 - 17:25

Simo Ahava FIN

Simo Ahava

Undoubtedly a rising star in web analytics. Simo works as a SEO manager in Netbooster Finland, he specializes mainly in connecting offline data with web analytics, and he can even take pride in the title of Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics. He’s been cooperating with GA since the times of urchin.js, and with the Google Tag Manager since its release. He believes in data, passing on practical procedures, the importance of education, and in the general importance of online. Can you think of a more suitable candidate for the team of speakers of the Marketing Festival?

Looking for an expert on Google Tag Manager? Simo’s fame has spread from the North not only to our country, but also to the whole of Europe. Check out his blog to see what we’re talking here about.

Lecture description

Tag Management Solutions revolutionize the way we collect data in web analytics. In this session, I will go over some of some frequently asked questions about using and utilizing a TMS to bring a radical change in how your organization collects and appreciates data.

It's not just about the concrete benefits (there are many!). It's also about how the increased agility in data collection will actually allow you to focus on the data itself, instead of battling with different tools and platforms on multiple fronts.

Why shouldn't you let this lecture pass you by?

  • If you thought that agility and quality could never come together in web analytics, you might think otherwise after this session
  • I will give some ridiculously actionable tips for you to pick up when using a tag management solution
  • If you've used Google Tag Manager, or if it's the tool of your choice, you'll be glad, since all of the examples are from GTM
  • If you've used other platforms, you will appreciate the tips on a broader level, as most of them are reproducible in any TMS platform
  • You will learn that getting quality data doesn't always have to be a struggle :)