Making Analytics Valuable saturday 14:15 - 14:50

Peter O´Neill GBR

Peter O´Neill

This British expert came to us highly recommended by several prestigious analytics events. By the way, Peter is the lead organizer of MeasureCamp, a successful “unconference” in London. He says that he likes to stick to simple principles. According to him, the aim of web analytics should be to improve performance of the company, not only to produce reports and endless tables. Among others, Peter has cooperated with ASOS, Debenhams, uSwitch, Europcar, the BBC, and Vodafone.

One of the reasons for choosing Peter was his speech at Superweek, a conference focusing purely on web analytics, where he was among the most praised speakers. And this is exactly the kind of speaker that we want here at the Festival!

Lecture description

Analytics is great, it gives you so much information. Everyone knows now that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And there are incredibly powerful tools which are free. So with all this, why aren’t organisations getting value out of analytics? Peter could explain this, go through the barriers and issues one by one. It would be nice to know but wouldn’t really solve anything. Instead let’s focus on Making Analytics Valuable. Immediately. Peter will take you through six different areas of Analytics, telling you how to use this to get value from your analytics (whatever the tool). There will be a mix of stories & examples to illustrate the approaches he recommends. To make this really practical, Peter is including a range of templates that you can use useful to get more value out of your analytics.

Why shouldn't you let this lecture pass you by?

  • Learn about the mistakes to avoid making yourself
  • Discover new areas to focus on to improve business performance
  • Learn new ways to use analytics to identify your issues and opportunities
  • Get access to a range of templates that will help you get value out of analytics