Keynote: Goodbye Faith, Hello Data Driven Agile Marketing! saturday 11:30 - 13:00

Avinash Kaushik USA

Avinash Kaushik

Does this name even need introduction? Our secret wish was to bring Avinash to the Czech Republic, and your big wish was to see him on the stage of the Janáček Theater. Avinash Kaushik is simply a phenomenon, successful at everything he does. You know him as an author of bestselling books on web analytics, but you may not know that he donates all the profit from his books to charity. He’s been dealing in education for a long time, either as a founder of Market Motive – an online marketing agency – or as an honorary member of several universities all over the world. Would you like to enjoy his lecture as much as possible? Just get familiar with his Web Analytics 2.0.

Avinash is undoubtedly the biggest personage in web analytics. His lecture for us has been in the works since April 2013!

Lecture description

Digital presents an undeniable opportunity to re-imagine our customer relationships, our marketing strategies and business awesomeness. Yet, so many have a tough time taking advantage of the opportunity. In his session Avinash will share strategic frameworks and tactics that will help you uncover new possibilities and take profitable steps for your company.

Why shouldn't you let this lecture pass you by?

  • Learn new frameworks that will cause your boss to love you more right away.
  • Discover innovative analytics strategies you can take advantage of immediately.
  • Be inspired about the future possibilies for your business or personal career.