7 Super-Practical Techniques to Rapidly Build Your Email List saturday 10:20 - 11:00

Brian Dean USA

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is an American living in Berlin, and he’s a pro in affiliate, link building, and e-mailing. Go to Brian’s instructional blog Backlinko, which will guide you step by step through the possibilities of online marketing. He’s a renowned businessman and SEO expert who has been helping set strategies for companies in Thailand, Japan, Spain and Turkey since 2010.

Brian was massively recommended to us. Not only can you look forward to the most practical lecture in our program, but you can expect to be able to put everything you learn to immediate use.

Lecture description

If you want to get more subscribers from your blog, you'll absolutely love this session. Brian will outline 7 insanely actionable strategies that you can use to boost your conversion rate (FAST).

Why shouldn't you let this lecture pass you by?

  • You'll learn the page on your site that's costing you hundreds of subscribers
  • You'll see the simple homepage tweak that can easily double or triple subscribers
  • The simple strategy I used to increase my conversions by 785% overnight
  • You'll find out why most of your visitors leave your site without subscribers (and the simple trick to remedy this)